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Official Key Art Cover
Pagan Min
Official Cover – Limited Edition

Game Informer Official Double Page Front Spread

Far Cry 4

Ubisoft hired Meduzarts to produce official images and keyarts for Far Cry 4. Background image for official cover was provided to us by Ubisoft, as well as additional concepts elements used in some of the shots. Meduzarts tweaked 3D character assets, and I did the following:
– Pagan Min and Noore entire Photoshop work;
– Work on Pagan Min on the official shots with some tweaks to buddha/foreground elements. The rest and final tweaks by Jessy Veilleux;
– Background for the Coop shot, some addition MP to the rest made by Jessy Veilleux;
– Rangoli image entirely done in Photoshop by me; concept provided by Ubisoft.

Client: Meduzarts
Copyrights: Ubisoft

Date June 15, 2014

Client Meduzarts, Ubisoft

Categories: Gaming