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About Elise Frappier

2D Photoshop artist with over 18 years of experience. Extensive knowledge of Photoshop to produce a wide array of work for the movie, gaming, fashion and advertising industries. Artistic direction skills for outsourced projects and advertising media. Experience in the camera projection techniques, matte painting skills, enhancing 3D renderings and photo retouching/finishing.

I produce work for multiple studios, agencies and photographers. My job is to make this as great an experience as possible, as if you were working with someone in-house, with easy communication, excellent skills, reliable, responsive, team player, great work ethics, and simply easy to work with. Let's talk!


I've worked with Elise on several high profile movie campaigns, and she has created beautiful and relevant matte paintings that have helped us win projects with major studios. She is a great communicator and collaborator and I highly recommend her for any matte painting and asset creation projects!!
Partner, Creative Director at BOND
Peter Stark
Elise is one of the best artists in her field. Her attention to details, talent and professionalism were part of Meduzarts visual signature and success. Her understanding of what needs to be done and where to focus gives her the ability to produce high quality images at a very fast paste. Elise is dedicated to her work and always tries to push the boundaries of her arts. I highly recommend Elise for Key Arts, 2D matte paintings and high resolution images of any kind.
Creative Director and Founder at Meduzarts
Jessy Veilleux
Elise is a true pro and absolutely the best to work with. We've collaborated on some high profile projects, and her contribution has just elevated the work and allowed us to compete at the highest level. Extremely talented, she's also very detailed and thorough on all aspects of the file delivery process. I highly recommend.
Owner, Creative Director at BOND
Patrick Dillon
Elise is a motivated employee, bright and trustworthy on whom we can count on at all times. She is very professional, highly reliable and also very independent. She quickly grasps the instructions and does not hesitate to think outside the box to find innovative solutions in order to be as efficient as possible.She has highly developed artistic and critical thinking. I would definitely recommend her and it would be a real pleasure to work with her again if the opportunity arises!
Production Coordinator at Meduzarts and Alpha-Vision
Isabelle Gagne
Working with Elise was a pure pleasure. She is professional, always in time and extremely skills. Her Photoshop illustration knowledge will push any project at the next level. She can deal with really high resolution images and complex layering. I highly recommend her.
Creatures Guru
Steve Jubinville
J’ai eu le plaisir de travailler avec Elise durant 2 ½ ans, en tant que Coordonnatrice de la production chez Alpha Vision. Dans ce rôle, j’ai pu observer de très près son travail d’illustratrice, et je suis prête à l’endosser sans hésitation. A part d’être une artiste très talentueuse, Elise est une professionnelle avec un sens aigu de l’organisation, à qui on peut se fier entièrement pour un travail impeccable et rapide. Elle n’hésite pas à prendre l’initiative lorsque l’opportunité d’améliorer un projet ou de mieux répondre aux besoins des clients se présente. De plus, son leadership naturel et sa volonté d’apprentissage l’aident à continuellement repousser ses limites professionnelles et artistiques. Elise est une collègue précieuse, avec qui il fait très plaisir de travailler au quotidien, et qui je référerai avec plaisir à toute personne recherchant une artiste fiable et consciencieuse.
Production Coordinator/Manager at Alpha-Vision
Mihaela Stefanov
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