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Legends Closeup Details
Ranger Details – AFTER
Ranger 3D Comp – BEFORE
Tertiary Elf
Tertiary Elf Closeup Details
Tertiary Ranger
Tertiary Ranger Closeup Details
Official Wallpaper – Click for Full Size

Figueroa Hotel Ad in Los Angeles for E3 2012
The Elder Scrolls Booth Inside E3
Outside Convention Center E3


The Elder Scrolls Online

Through the ongoing relationship with AKQA, Meduzarts was commissioned to produce marketing imagery for Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls Online. 3D assets were handled in-house and all Photoshop work handled by Sophie Codaire, Daniel Kvasznicza and myself. Art direction by Jessy Veilleux.

Legends and Fray by all artists, Elf/Ranger Tertiary, Ranger, Arrival by me.

Client: Meduzarts, AKQA
Copyrights: Bethesda

Date February 15, 2014

Client Meduzarts, AKQA, Bethesda

Categories: Advertising Gaming